I have too much to say

I am working my way, figure by figure, of my research project and I am finding myself thinking I need to simplify. One of the journals I want to try and publish the work has a limit of 9000 words and I think I am going to reach that just in this chapter.

But then I am also very excited as it is such a big project and I can live up to the title of the folder I have all of this stored in which is “Complete Survey.”

I think if I limit my first article to a handful of sources I can then reach out to other institutes to see if I can use other less accessible resources.

This will have to wait for a day regardless as I will need to recover from a sudden onset of a nasty headache- migraine? Not sure but I threw triple therapy at it.


In fact yes. I think I have the perfect frame. So I need to really get cracking!

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