End of today

Made a few more harsh decisions. I’m currently wearing my rigid splints, and it’s because I can feel my wrists collapsing.

So I’ll also have to have a few days off from sculpting.

It’s so absolutely such a part of who I am as an artist, going back to my childhood, I just am having a harder time accepting my limitations in this than any other activity. Clay is soft right, it should be easy! I can’t even manipulate poly clay any more. So oil based clay is kind of the last point before having to give it up entirely. Much as the radiologist says my wrists are stable I know they are not. I can feel my hand collapse along the ulnar. It’s a horrible feeling and it doesn’t just affect my art. It’s every moment awake or asleep.

Luckily that 3D software should, should, make it possible to capture my hands myself as it is proving near impossible to get anyone wanting to help with getting orthoses more readily available. Not the hobby community, not any institution. So if I can scan my own hands I will save several hundreds of dollars.

If it works I’ll also be able to help others in my situation where every dollar has to be accounted for. I am so grateful for budget priced but quality materials that I have been able to still use a decade or more after I bought them. Really. I’m reusing clay from my Leia build for goodness sake!

Anyway, after struggling with wigs and boots I am parting with a costume dear to my heart.

Also: http://www.isumsoft.com/it/disable-win-keyboard-shortcuts-in-windows-10/

Super important for my fellow RD ulnar deviation spoonies. Turn off quick keys because they are terrible when combined with splints and/or neuropathy!

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