Exoskeleton time- part 4

(Part for- what I can do!)

So aside from printing someone elses files I can of course design my own :) And I am :) I now know what I need is an ulnar gutter splint as a start. And that’s brilliant! It’s a half pipe with a dip for my wrist essentially. So very easy to print flat! And I can also make a radial splint without a spica also able to be printed, and then potentially hinge down the dorsal and ventral lines.

And the other way as well ????

And I will be trying to incorporate patterns that will compliment my costumes ???? Because so far we don’t have open source IP options. ANd we may not.

I am also testing options with thermo-plastic pellets.

So, yes, sheet splinting thermoplastics are not the same as sheet cosplay supplies. By any stretch of the imagination! However when it comes to the pellets? They are. They are very close indeed:


Biomedical applications

In dentistry (as composite named Resilon), it is used as a component of “night guards” (dental splints) and in root canal filling.

Hobbyist and prototyping

PCL also has many applications in the hobbyist market where it is known as Polymorph, Shapelock, ReMoldables, Plasticdude, or TechTack.



Special Features: Reduces splintmaking time; used on body to provide support highly workable material at molding temp W / excellent strength
Part Name Assigned BY Controlling Agency: Sheet splilnt orthopedic polyform dsgn 18 X 24 X 0.125″ plastic 4S
Material AND Location: Plastic, polycaprolactone overall.

If it’s a major part of the sheet form it’s the same for the pellets. It’s just harder to track down.

So like most products there are variations in the specific composition but it’s close enough to use for my own personal projects.

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