Exoskeleton time- Part 2


(Part two, what I would like but is out of reach- it’s a bit of a sore spot to have to keep telling people that!)



This is beautiful. But note no prices. And- and this means they are good- you have to be a certified medical practitioner to order. This is good practice. This is safe practice. It’s just hard because I want these so badly. Not just because they are pretty but because the minimal design means I can wash my hands, I don’t have to take them off, I won’t sweat through them and they are light enough to wear! I have emailed my physio but I haven’t heard back. So I suspect not available in NZ.

So how about 3D printing? How is that going.

Well right now there are only a handful of groups who not only have the technical ability but are able to trial.

Andiamo is past the talking and research phase and are are trialing! But it is only within the London region and their target are kids. Wonderful, seriously wonderful! I remember being an able bodied kid (long before i because very short sighted and a very long time before my more life changing disability!) and how even braces let alone splints were seen and how much of a stigma kids had. I am so happy it seems to be a very different world now, but at the time. Wow.

Anyway, there is a very real need. And custom scanning and prints made to fit are really important. They are absolutely going to be the very best option going forward.

One small thing. I know we do not have the integrated facilities here in NZ for bringing tech to therapy except for a very few. Much like Andiamo is starting local I can look at what’s happening in a University here and say that’s great. But I have no access. Neither do most of the patients I know. More like 99% of us won’t.

However this research is ongoing. It may not be ready for me in time, but ti will be for someone. So if you have a chance to support, please do!


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