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Well I added an overhead GNU tribute as well as updated the cover page- so people don't have to run straight in to my blog full of (currently) matis photos:

DSC_9755 DSC_9894 sm_IMG_1554

DSC_6176 sm_DSC_1370 216902_2360100538706_1634935837_n

As per my fb page:
The only things I did not make from scratch in these photos are on Madame vastra, and that is the gloves, belt and boots. That's it.

Props are everything from my own 3D modeled prints, to sheet plastics molded and welded, fibreglass.
Painting and prosthetics sculpted, molded, cast, painted, applied.
Wide range of fabrics patterned, dyed, hand and machine manipulated.
Armour is fibreglass, hand shaped plastic, russet (usually called vege tanned) and chrome tanned leather, patterned, molded, cast, painted, sculpted where appropriate.

(not to mention all of these are durable and will probably outlast me 😉 Even the latex cowl as I take care when handling it.

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