Secret squirrel project :)

Dear Livejournal, you are still the place I go for sharing, I know I share a lot but it's stuff I feel comfortable talking about anyway.

Anyway. I'm doing the Very Vintage Day Out. This is a big event and I am doing the Photo Safari which means guaranteed photos of good quality and being abel to work with people who share a passion.

The theme is 1920s-1960s.

This means I'm breaking out the Poiret and Lanvin references. Yes I'm going obscure 1920s. Yes. I am finally making a Robe de Style!!!

ROBE DE STYLE!!!!!!!!!

I'll wind up doing proper links soon but I am using all of these as a reference (just thumnbails, most of you who have done this style recognise all of them anyway :):
Actual lace tiers:

ID 434 (1)-X2 5d5389a712dce1bc79665a88b9e055ed xa7960p0

Super full ruffles:

57014472139f15eae2df2a113386ee0c4932fa3d1 9f74f87dd77662e7cca14a8a4d15368b47151-callot-soeurs-couture-1925-regine-flory-as-model-photo-scaioni-hprints-com

Super extreme well fitted bodices:
il_570xN.810960457_2iln6whhqpbwmz6h6hhmThe-Last-of-Mrs-Cheyney-6 3314315

Actual patterns of the style:
il_570xN.451444071_77t0 il_570xN.451440046_28ux fashionservice1928.09.20804
Just the cutest dress with a super soft shape.

I have so much vintage lace I need to create a project. So far I have used some for my Lucy gown, and I have just tacked enough to my Phantom Wedding skirt to finally have that project ready to finish 🙂 Yes, I had enough lace to make poofy sleeves, hem a full skirt, trim a bodice, make four tiers of lace flounces on a Natural Form dress, and cover the hoops of a Robe de Style and make a full bodice to match. Two lots of lace. I have the photos from one lot, I don't know if I took a photo of the dress I got the woder lace from.

So back tracking..

For the Photo Safari I am making a velvet slinky gown, with a fan and headband. I will need a fan for sun protection! I'm going sleeveless and with a very  very deep V front nd back, filled with illusion so as to not actually be that daring!

I am also making a coat in magenta wool. I think it's just cool toned enough to be magenta. So that I can arrive an style and in a very vibrant colour.

The Robe de Style is for an upcycling competition. So I am going to have to do a bit more hunting as 80% of materials need to be recycled. Well the lace and the other lace will wind up being well over that, I am making the hoops and I am using a modern cotton net for the base. So I do need to recycle a little more. But I'll be making a hat to go with it too. I have glass buttons from a big lot of button stash I was given, as well as daisy guipure in pink from a 60s coat (coat panels were unpicked but I got photos of the panels so I can show it is indeed recycled!) so I should be good. I just might see if I can find something for a tabbardy front panel.
Okay, I think I'm okay. I am recycling my sateen pillow cases (same lot I used for my Lizzy petticoat) for the foundations but I'm a bit worried as I'll need to wear them not have them for judging.

The Very Vintage Day Out

Saturday, 9th April 2016, 10am – 6pm
Alexandra Park Raceway
Cnr Greenlane Road West & Manukau Road, Greenlane
10.00am Doors Open
10.30am SARAH TOLLEY – Jazz Vocalist Main Stage
10.30am PHOTO SAFARI – pre-registration required Meet near Car Display (Velvet robe)
11.00am DARKTOWN STRUTTERS – Band Main Stage
11.30am WHAT TO LOOK FOR IN A VINTAGE CAR – Workshop with Doug Bell (The Hot Rod Show) Room 2
12.00pm BEST DRESSED – female, male, kid, bub Main Stage (Velvet robe)   Also garments for upcyling contest to be viewed (Robe de Style)
12.30pm HOW TO BE CURVE CONFIDENT – Panel discussion with past winners of Miss Pinup New Zealand Room 2
1.00pm TANGO FROM THE GOLDEN AGES – Dance Workshop Room 2
3.10pm PINEAPPLE PRODUCTIONS – Dance Performance Main Stage
5.00pm SISTERS OF SWING – Band Main Stage
6.00pm Event Ends
Continuing on the festivities the following day at Gilligan’s Island Party.
Gilligan’s Island Party
Sunday, 10th April 2016, 2pm – 7pm (probably velvet robe)

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