A new project, or three

I’ve finally had a chance to work on my calendar, I kind of stopped looking at my diary for obvious reasons. So in that regard I have managed to confirm and register for the Very Vintage Day Out‘s Photo Safari.

I am super excited as I had so much fun with the photoshoot in October and I know there will be some of the same photographers booked in as well.

As it is the middle of April I am going to need a coat, so I have decided to use my fushcia feather weave wool and trim it with the fur left over from my Maleficent project. I hope. I may have to swap that out. But I am not going to reveal too much except that so that I can be easily found :) I will be making a dress for it as well as sorting out accessories. I just styled one of my wigs but it has shed a lot of dye on my hands. I’m not sure why or how so I’ll give it a wash tomorrow and if all else fails I’ll go for another wig. Again with the weather I want a do that will stay put and not fall apart with a light drizzle.

I am also entering the upcyle contest with a project I have had in mind for a few years. Same era, totally different style and material. I had to divert from this project today to  make sure I had enough material left over for another old project WIP and I do and that’s pretty amazing :) So I’ve been gathering references for that, I don’t know how much info they will need but given my main outfit and this are both not readily recognised I’m giving all the info I can :)

I need to make a full kit for this, from inside to outside: so undies, two hats, a coat, two dresses, and a prop- will probably have to ask for help as I can’t carry my DSLR in a purse and I do want to try and get photos of others too :) I will be making some feetie inserts so I can still wear my suede Black Diamonds shoes as they are slightly too big and I did have to replace the heels :)

I have so much excite!!!!

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