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So the side story about libraries. Yes this is going to be an old timey “walked to school in the snow” stories but it’s really just a reminder that sometimes people carry a lot of knowledge in their heads and that may not always be obvious :)
So I became obsessed with costumes long before the internet, and I also live in a country where connections have been expensive so not really that common until very recently.
Anyway, accessing art books was a nightmare. I live in Auckland. Well what’s now Auckland CIty which was split into 7 regional cities for most of my life. I happen to have also lived right next to the border for most of my life and so my nearest library was actually part of a totally different system to me. In fact, I could not even use Inter Library Loan to get those books instead I’d get the same book from a library in a different part of the country. And pay what would now be the price of a small book.
The library closest to me was part of the the system that has all the Eiko books, costume history, costume design.. everything you could want growing up without a good internet connection and access to art galleries around the world.
So yes, not only am I from an age of books (and I do have a solid physical library and digital library backed up in several locations) but from a very specific location where I was not able to borrow books even from a library within easy walking distance. Not because I come from an era that is out of memory, it’s only been since 2010 (yes, 2010) that the library systems merged and I can finally borrow all the books I like.

Tenacity to create a library of references in the light of that? Tenacity in spades. And a very good lateral search capability! And a very good understanding of the Dewey Decimal system…. It’s amazing where you can get information on making costumes from areas other than sewing. Or costume history. There is a section on doll making and collecting and the history of both. Then you find the portraitists of the era, and theatre history and biographies (biographies and theatre are very overlooked!)

It was $5 per ILL (still is) but yeah, while the merger of the councils has not been totally smooth (again here we have been double paying on some services as our previous council had long , loooong, contracts while the rest of the new city didn’t.
The doors wee not closed! We could and still can go to any library and read off the shelves, it’s just taking the books out. Also special collections are often card access.

It was pretty insane. We now have “wards” so within the council smaller regions are represented. We still have the health boards divided along very similar lines, so I literally got ambulanced past the nearest hospital, over the harbour bridge, then got sent back once they actually scanned me for kidney stones. So in the grand scheme having to look at books in the individual library.. slightly less of an immediate issue smile emoticon But I really wanted to share so people might start looiking at local resources and appreciatin them. Ditto the incredible work being done by museums and art galleries and frankly Wikipedia/Commons smile emoticon

I had been meaning to do this, but I was wondering if people would be interested in more, but shorter, make up and character paint vlogs? I need to adjust how I do them, but I would quite like to track some of the changes to my skin (positive!) than now allow me a bit more freedom in options for costuming and daily life.
I’d also like to get some nice hi res elements (I have freckles that read as either other marks or shadows, so I want to prove that!)
But the lovely icon photo here by Little-Noise Photography has zero foundation, and from memory little post cleanup. My kit for Elsa works like magic and could would on all skin tones really…
Anyway, a thought.


Started a bit of research :) I may have a few historic documents to write up and share soon :) Started working on a hunch, seems to be working :) I just need to track down a few copies of books I simply don’t think have been published in full.


Updated my Admiral Daala page to include exhibition photos and free pattern links. I need to do a little more work to tidy it up and correct, but I need to hunt down more of the fabric :) It’s only the tunic skirting that is an issue as I may have either been working from an incorrect or abnormal source.

Whoo! Functioning workroom again :) Just in time for the last few days before my next infusion ???? Much better recovery this time than last time. I think last time I had a sinus infection that wound up being very resistant.

So the infusions won’t ever reverse the disability I have but should prevent further damage. It’s like (if it were possible) preventing a broken leg while dealing with a broken arm.

Anyway, it’s very hard to quantify how well it “works” on a single scale :)


All my SCA friends are at Canty Faire (I haven’t been able to go in many, many years- and given my infusion schedule I probably can’t plan for next year either) and I was reminded recently of the aims of the society and of peers. I am a laurel however I feel I haven’t been able to contribute locally, which has lead to me losing my connection to the many levels of the society, and it has also left me feeling very isolated.
So I am working on a large research project to share with all. It’s going to take a while but I hope it will be of much use. Its taken over all my personal projects for the moment as I do think it will be of advantage to many. It may help me feel more connected, and to feel again that others feel connected to me.

Total nerd emersion. I spent a couple of hours looking through my documentation for this current research subject and wound up subjecting my friend to the trials and tribulations with finding new and contradictory information.
I feel like Moss: all my values are being questioned, and I’m loving it.
I looove new information, even if it means I have to alter.. everything!

Anyway, it’s tuning into a much bigger project than I intended so I’m going to need help with proofing and potentially publishing it in a more formal manner. I want people to be able to cite what I have analysed and to find the original work.

This is the year I am actually working on it, last year was my gap year I guess :)

But oh heck, so much work. So. Much. Work. I also lost a file, a very important file. But I may now be able to also understand some other sources better :)

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