Inspired! Part 3

While I was away the deadline for the Costume College Scholarships were coming to a close. I was not really able to ask anyone specific for help due to a very restricted ability to access my emails or messages. So I had a rather major meltdown when I got home (in part the second health crash as we had more travel and events after my previous one :) So after a bit of a race around I did get my first letter or recommendation which set me upĀ on Thursday (Wednesday for US readers) and typing and file creating for several hours. I got to put five examples of my best work in to the application and that was wonderfully difficult to do but also fairly easy- I didn’t want to do too many modern media examples but they do all show a range of techniques that are all able to be taught on site and are transferable to multiple projects.

So that’s now given me ideas for Just In Case so I’m currently spring cleaning and looking at the wall of unfinished projects to decide how to sort these in to projects that will get made and projects that may need to be passed on to others.

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