Epoxy allergy possibly identified!

After a spot of prodding from friends I went properly reading the MSDS of the resin I know started the allergy. It is highly likely I’m allergic to the bisphenol A in the resin part. If this is the case this could be very good as it may be possible to get a resin without it. However the hardener is a bit not good and it’s probably best if I avoid the stuff altogether.


Skin dermatitis: Part A/resin

Asthmatic/corrosive to skin and airways: Part B/hardener


Also, I get the urticaria not just dematitis. So my “rash” is a full on welt, it looks like I have been grated. Oh and the edema (that swelling under my eye you can see in my video) is also less common so… yes. I am going to have a ceremonial farewell to a product that has seen me make many of my costuming dreams come true since 2009.


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