You can tell the state of my health by..

How many posts i don’t do!

I record most days of my life so when I don’t it’s down to not having the energy to even do that :)

The rash is finally starting to abate. I really should have gone to see my GP because it wasn’t just redness but full on swelling and welting. Luckily I only used steroid cream a couple of times so I don’t think I’ll wind up with scarring (yes you can scar from this, I already have) which would not be fun all over my face :)

And Lucas’ PawPaw ointment is amazeballs. It kept my skin as nice as it could be :)

But I do need one more layer of filler over my armour pieces so I may just have to hunt out some extra special protective gear and just do it while I have All the Antihistamines! And a week to let my face calm down!


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