Maleficent hand basted

I could do a whole series of “why do you…?. Very tempted to do so. And I’m going to start with a super basic primer to understand all of this. Not an FAQ because often these questions are not asked.

So Michaela, why did you hand sew a gown together when you are just going to unpick it?

Well Michaela it’s because the bias cut is very stretchy and the lining is a satin (very smooth) and the shell is a brocade (fairly loose weave) that it practically spits pins out as soon as they go in. Even florist pins.

So Michaela why did you buy dressmaker pins rather than your favourite florist pins?

Well Michaela again that has to do with the fabric. Florist pins are the best for holding together heavy duty fabrics with a lot of negative ease because they are thicker and not so smooth as regular dressmaking pins which makes them grip and stay in play better. But because of this they tend to leave holes in fabric rather than have the pins slip easily between the warp and weft.

Dressmaker pins can also be ironed over at tigh temp and not melt.


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