Health update

Currently in a lot of pain, a mix of secondary deformity pain (when joints are no longer the shape they are supposed to be you get grinding pain as well as soft tissue pain from things moving differently) but also what feels like primary inflamatory pain in my fingers.

And I have the lovely rash from epoxy still. It now looks and feels like a series of insect bites.

And yet I decided today was a good day to baste Maleficent together while debating whether I should try for enclosed seams or stick with flatlining. I have the pins I could potentially test drive the body part again and then go ahead and try for a fully enclosed dress.

I did that for Elsa, unfortunately this does mean the dress is a touch big, so I will have to take the dress in at the zip again. Bias is different though, sewing each seam will create a flatter less architectural look. But the seams are pretty bulky due to the brocade. I may just have a look at those exhibit photos again and see.

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