Kidney stone of five years? Check.

Did i know of it? No. Did I ever expect to pass one? no.

Still pain after it drove like Shep in the Mako through my body? Yep.

Feels like my kidey is twice as big (it did get dilated) and there is a wobbly line of main right to my pelvis.

Today is a day of being a bit out of it after getting home yesterday and hospital the day before.

I had to let them take the stone for diagnoises. I was also flying on tramadol and morphine when I saw it so I do know it was more like conjoined twins that a huge 5mm pea shape. Like two 3mm shperes stuck together.

It’s so painful you cry and snot and pee, and puke and well generally make a mess that can only be helped by the pain relief the professionals use. Now that it is passed I wish I had small amounts to get through the healing process. Fatigue, general pain, site specific pain and as you want to make sure you keep things in the direction they need to be you have to drink a lot and pee a lot.

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