Epic snowflake day!

I hope. I have no idea how long I’ll take to cut the snowflakes of doom but I also hope I have enough snow tulle to work!

I should So long as I am careful with positioning the flurries.

I may just see if I can get adobe to tile print my pattern lay out for ease… hmmmmmmm…

Anyay. I also realised I have one last option for sequins, which I will try. I think I used too much heat not enough colour intensifier last time I tried so hopefully.

I’m also most definitely bringing Elsa and Maleficent to Sydnova, I just need to decide on which Maley as I do finally have the wig fitting on the horns! It’s a matter of using my own hair to hold the things in place both inside and out of them :) There may be a vlog about this- I kind of promised a friend also dealing with new hair and trying to wear wigs without them slipping off- new short hair post chemo can feel totally foreign and can be a weird mix of fragile and tough!

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