Now that I can cross post, woot!, I’ll do a text update :)

So the image size issue is a wordpress app issue- something to do with if there is not enough memory on the phone it won’t process all the image file sizes, sigh.

But that’s a small issue :)

I’m processing a lot of images (should use irfram actually, shoot, will do so for the next batch of photos) so that I can get full galleries up for the making of each costume. I’ve been meaning to for a while, but WP was really not stable enough for a while there. Now it seems to be working well with the new host so I have no excuse :)

I was supposed to have caught up on other projects but the fatigue just hits and hits hard. So today I get to try and pattern and mold :) It’s much cooler today so it should happen :)

I’ve also moved a few apps from my phone so hopefully I can get the whole image thing working again :)