New Elsa fabric :)

Grabbed some photos (ELissa tiara on the top there) without flash and with flash. Without is much closer to the real colour than with:

sm_DSC_2671 sm_DSC_2670

I mean I’d prefer it like it is with the flash… but hey, interference green pigment? I have and here it is tested on the top of the sequins (on the right):



As the sequins are matte this is more likely to work than had I got shiny sequins as I doubt I’d find exactly what I want in terms of colour. Also the low sheen is subtle, it makes the fabric look like 1930s real metal lame.

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  1. Love the look of that sequin fabric! Any chance you could share where its from or a link to it?

  2. HI 🙂 Thank you 🙂 It’s from spandexhouse, I posted about it a while back with the proper search terms,
    Style: Seq-446
    Width: 57”
    Stretch: 2 Way St
    Color: Turquoise
    Per Yard Price: $15.00
    Size: 2mm
    Description: Turquoise Matte Finished Sequins on Turquoise Poly Stretch Mesh

    It’s brighter than it appears on their site:) Good prices and very fast shipping- just be prepared for an old fashioned payment method 🙂

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