-cosplay: character and creation: intrepreting a design: Femshep

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(Photos by Sylvie Kirkman of Little Noise Photography, please do no redistribute without credit.)

Name:  Fem Shep

Series:  Mass Effect 3

Variant:  Blood Dragon Armour

In world Environment:  land combat, space travel, set in the future on multiple planets, urban and undeveloped.

In world Role:  commander of a team of specialists, combat.

Comparable real world environment:  urban, wild environments, barren landscapes- lots of environmental challenges.

Comparable real world role:  combat leader, astronaut, scout.

Real world interpretations (translated to different media):  other cosplayers, paper craft- all unofficial resources, and so are personal interpretations.

Special properties of materials:  durability, ballistic protection, freedom of movement including leaping and rolling on the ground or metal vehicles.

Comparable materials actually available:


    flex: foam, wet-formed leather,

    Protection: Fibreglass, wet-form leather

    Appearance: sheet metal, fibreglass, vac-formed plastic

    Safety: Wet-formed leather, foam


    flex: stretch knits, stretch PVC, stretch vinyl

    Appearance:  woven metal mesh, carbon fibre

Safety/health:  avoid overheating, full bodysuit from neck to ankles- use actual seams to help wicking of moisture.

Anything physics defying:  the thighs do not hinge like that. Allows for legs to move out but not forward or back- the model stretches rather than shows the plates moving.

So flex is most important in all materials.
Resources: (I used both screen shot of my own character in game as well as model renders by “troodoon80” on DeviantArt.

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