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The Finishing Touches To a Girl’s Dress


White Soutache Braiding on Brussels Net

The design above shows the over blouse made of white soutache braid. The shape should first be cut in one piece in a firm Brussels net or silk, and the braid then sewn on. This little garment is the same back and front, and is simply slipped on over the head.


A shortwaisted Overblouse made from Pieces of Irish and Cluny Lace.


This is made of very heavy crochet cotton.


Above is shown a shield shaped garniture for wearing over a blouse or dress. This is made of cord like cotton, but the shape can be used in any material to correspond with the dress with which it is to be worn. The garniture is especially suitable over a dress with the overskirt effect.

From Girls Own Paper and Woman’s magazine, 1911.

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