-fashion plates

These plates are from Girls Own Paper and Women’s Magazine produced in London before the first world War.

Many of these plates have not been digitised before so I hope that they will provide another glimpse in to the past.

October 1906- December 1906

gop19061027hagsdplate2gop19061027hagsdplate1 gop19061124hagsdplate1 gop19061124hagsdplate2 gop19061229hagsdplate1 gop19061229hagsdplate2

Jan 1907-April 1907

gop19070119hagsdplate1 gop19070119hagsdplate2 gop19070223hagsdplate1 gop19070223hagsdplate2 gop19070330hagsdplate1 gop19070330hagsdplate2 gop19070427hagsdplate1 gop19070427hagsdplate2

May 1907- July 1907

gop19061208illustration gop19070109illustration gop19070525hagsdplate1 gop19070525hagsdplate2 gop19070629hagsdplate1 gop19070629hagsdplate2 gop19070706yachtingillustration gop19070729hagsdplate1 gop19070729hagsdplate2

August 1907-September 1907

gop19070831hagsdplate1 gop19070831hagsdplate2 gop19070928hagsdplate1 gop19070928hagsdplate2

October-December 1907


gop19071026hagsdplate1 gop19071026hagsdplate2 gop19071228hagsdplate1 gop19071228hagsdplate2

January-March 1908

gop19080125hagsdplate2 gop19080125hagsdplate1 gop19080328hagsdplate2 gop19080328hagsdplate1

April-July 1908

19080425hagsdplate gop19080530-hagsdplate gop19080718hagsdplate

In October 1908 a new editor made sweeping changes to the format and content of the magazine. I moved from being a weekly paper targeted and yound women, it became a monthly periodical aimed at middle class women of all ages. During the first year the quantity of information grew greatly, as did the number of guides and especially articles on how to make or decorate items for the home as well as fashion.


As of publishing this page the dates are unknown, once the two publications merged they became monthly periodicals and a lot of the plates used to decorate the pages were no longer in use.

These however likely date to the latter half of 1909.