-patterns from der bazar- corsets-1860s

The periodical Harper’s Bazar contained many reproductions of articles that appeared in Der Bazar. These included a lot of needlework, which deserves to be covered in full, but also clothing patterns. A great number of these are for wraps and other garments that would display the fine stitching of the readers but there are also a number of articles that covered the cutting and assembly of more complex garments.

Thanks to HEARTH and Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf we can piece together the pattern supplements and texts across both prints.

Der Bazar › VI. Jahrgang. 1860. › Nr. 12.


The supplement that includes the cutting for the corset to the far right is also missing as at publishing.

Der Bazar ›XI. Jahrgang. 1865. › Nr. 37.

Figs 50-57, corset for a child, 12-14.



Der Bazar › XII. Jahrgang. 1866. › Nr. 7.


Sadly another without a supplement

Der Bazar › XII. Jahrgang. 1866. › Nr. 37


Sadly again these corsets do not have a matching supplemental page from this source

Der Bazar › XIII. Jahrgang. 1867. › Nr. 47.



Pattern and diagram. figs 11-15)

Der Bazar › XIV. Jahrgang. 1868. › Nr. 33.




Instructions including how to sew these corsets,

Der Bazar › XV. Jahrgang. 1869. › Nr. 37. Oct 1 1869

Harper’s bazaar: Volume II, Number 41

Unfortunately the supplement for this is very difficult to find, as of creating this page there are some images that are uncredited on pinterest- I am unsure if they are from a personal scan.

These images however clearly show the classic stitching of many corsets of this century. There is an order to the stitching of the panels that is readily seen once you understand that a seam may be sewn as we do now then the seam allowances turned back to one side and stitched barely a stitch width from the edge. Or they were pressed in that direction first and sewn from the top.