-patterns from der bazar- corsets-1850s

The periodical Harper’s Bazar contained many reproductions of articles that appeared in Der Bazar. These included a lot of needlework, which deserves to be covered in full, but also clothing patterns. A great number of these are for wraps and other garments that would display the fine stitching of the readers but there are also a number of articles that covered the cutting and assembly of more complex garments.

Thanks to HEARTH and Heinrich Heine Universität Düsseldorf we can piece together the pattern supplements and texts across both prints.

Der Bazar › 1857. › VII. Band. › Supplement zum “Bazar” 1857. Nr. 40. 23 October pages




There is no diagram of this pattern, but the pieces are easy to find (solid lines, figs 9-16). There are also some instructions.

Der Bazar › 1858. › X. Band. › Nr. 25.






Corset pattern and some instructions.