-re-wefting wigs- with a fringe/bangs


Tools and Materials:
Four wigs of the same style and colour
Hand sewing needles
Foam head form
Thread that matches the wig or wig net colour, can be plain sewing or fuzzy overlocker/serger thread

Start by unpicking all the wefts from the wigs carefully.

As this wig has a fringe that blends into the rest of the hair the hair needs to lay all around the hair line and there needs to be a central point at the crown that the wefts begin.
Again prepare the hairline by sewing a row or two of wefts to the inside edge of the wig.
As the original wigs had built in fringes I collected all the short wefts and started buy building the fringe area.

You can see some fringe layers curling the wrong way this was because the fringes cut in the original wigs were lopsided and so I alternated layers to have a fringe that tapered at both sides rather than just one. Once the fringe was finished I used heat to set the curls in the right direction.

sm_P1050584 sm_P1050585 sm_P1050583sm_P1050585

I then started sewing the long wefts in the back in horizontal rows from the back of the neck up to the crown. As you can see the wefts wind up creating a horseshoe shape at the back neatly meeting with the fringe at the front to create a circular space at the top.

sm_P1050597 sm_P1050596 sm_P1050594 sm_P1050586

I created a ponytail by rolling a weft and sewing the top together and then sewing that the the very top of the wig. I then sewed circular rows of wefts around the outside to fill in the top of the wig cap.


After all that I combed the wig and used a hair dryer to set all the layers in the right direction before trimming the fringe to shape. This wig also got a bath with some white acrylic paint in a lot of water to tone down the shine and colour of the wig. It now needs a silicon spray to detangle it again!