-french braiding a full wig- elsa from frozen

This wig has now been pulled apart and washed and a  new wig purchased.  This will be updated as soon as I am able to start to work on it.

sm_DSC_2650 (2)

1 lacefront wig, I used colour 613 as the only available pale blonde at the time

1 halloween wig.

Acrylic paint in white (tinted with purple to knock back the yellow)

1L denatured alcohol



Both wigs were rinsed in the paint and alcohol until they were a uniform colour then left to drip dry outside, most paint coming off but leaving enough. After a day or wear the wig needed to be rebuilt due to the amount of wind exposed over a day!

Elsa wig as she was after a full day wear including in the car and the wind tunnel!

sm_DSC_2618 sm_DSC_2619 sm_DSC_2620 sm_DSC_2622

You can see how matted the underside got!

So I started by unraveling the ends and brushing them out as I went. You can see how the two wigs are not perfectly matched at all but by mixing in sections as I went they were far more subtle. Also very crunchy!  Yay for acrylic wig toning but boo for needing high intensity conditioning to counter it.

sm_DSC_2623 sm_DSC_2624 sm_DSC_2625 sm_DSC_2626 sm_DSC_2627 sm_DSC_2628

Here you can see how the second wig was simply pinned (pinned not hair pinned) in the crown and the main wig styled over it:

sm_DSC_2631 sm_DSC_2629 sm_DSC_2631

The second wig was simply cut in to a D shape and folded in on itself.

sm_DSC_2632 sm_DSC_2633 (2) sm_DSC_2634 (2) sm_DSC_2635 (3)

To restyle I sectioned the main wig into four main sections:

The top where the French Braid started, then the sides which covered the second wig for the French part of the braid ???? and then the middle bottom section which would fill the tail part of the braid.

sm_DSC_2636 (2) sm_DSC_2637 (2)

The side sections where then divided in to five smaller sections for each step of the French Braid (one side only here) and brushed relatively smooth before being twisted:

sm_DSC_2638 (2) sm_DSC_2640 (2)

I then pinned the second wig in place and started sectioning it to match the first wig.

sm_DSC_2640 (2)

I had to let all the sections loose to be able to hand braid these. Luckily the twisting kept the sections fairly free from each other. I did braid the top section simply to manage these pieces while trying to take photos!

sm_DSC_2641 (2)

The top section barely starts the braiding before the side and second wig sections start being worked in.

sm_DSC_2642 (2) sm_DSC_2643 (2)

Sorry for the sudden jump to a nearly completed braid! These are difficult to hold and get photos and remember which section is the top most while working with so many different components.

sm_DSC_2644 (2) sm_DSC_2645 (2)

Once the side sections were all in I braided the length to keep it manageable while dealing with the last of the tail sections (the middle bottom of each wig). So I divided these remaining sections into three equal parts and then brushed them and then undid the temporary braid and brushed that.

sm_DSC_2646 (2) sm_DSC_2647 (2)

Et voila, a restyled Elsa wig to keep nice and tidy until I find a softer option ????

sm_DSC_2649 (2) sm_DSC_2650 (2)

Main wig is “Kim” from Sepia in 613 (pale blonde) and secondary wig is just a standard halloween wig ($NZ5) in a slightly pinker tone. Acrylic paint mixed with methylated spirits for a fast drying dye bath (ie denatured ethanol not actually any methanol at all due to health laws in NZ).