New frock

I’m really wanting to make a bright orange frock. I might actually just overdye some more of my linen into a red so I can make one of the dresses with the half length hanging sleeves.

Super obsessed by them as they are like the sleeves in a few tapestries I adore. Lets take a detour from my NRW files to my Flemish and extant folders.

One more of the short form from an allegorical figure (I think.) This is I think though well in keeping with the NRW images and is why i initially thought the Kalkar figure above was not based on reality.

But tube sleeves. I’ve loved them since the start of this costume journey, even when I could mainly access books that were redrawings.

These are from photocopies I made waaaaaaaay back when. I did not cite the first though, I wish I had. She is figure 66. and the caption is ” Young Flemish lady-in-waiting, from a 16th-century tapestry. Long artistically draped dress with wide sleeves revealing inner sleeves; headdress with gauze, pearls and hanging ribbons.” She is most definitely from the David and Bathsheba tapestries, though this particular one is not well documented online.

The second of these is from Historic Costume by Francis M. Kelly and R. Schwabe. And I have found the source (incredible zoom function, I highly recommend clicking through).

And the small figures around her also come from this same series (ditto, there is one more in the series on this site as well as a whole lot of others save the link because it’s amazing.)

And these seams are found on other figures of the same tapestry series, and more, as well as in Bruegel.

And this is even seen in some fitted sleeves. These are from Cite de Dieux and Bruegel’s Harvest.

Some examples of tube sleeves to be found online though include these three from a single tapestry.

Another in the series of Bathsheba, and a tapestry at Hampton Court.

So I now need a break. This was supposed to be a short detour. I can also find orange all over the place too so I could just wear the orange and be shocking…..

after 1575, Cologne. Fig. 2, ill. 61, Kostüme und Sittenbilder des 16. Jahrhunderts [...] BSB Cod.icon. 361
after 1575, Cologne. Fig. 2, ill. 61, Kostüme und Sittenbilder des 16. Jahrhunderts […] BSB Cod.icon. 361

I mean I also found a huge amount of orange silk in one of the inventories….