I don’t really have this issue but due to immunological funtimes I have had major allergies flare up just before a con. Ummm that may usually be due to naughty Epoxy Allergy use thugh I know I shouldn’t but at least once it was due to medication making my skin “photosensitive”. When your specialistwho prescribed the stuff makes a face you can be sure it’s all not good.

But yeah, also skin reactions that make flexible make up flake off. That is also fun. Still not sure what caused it as it was two different poducts months apart but the exact same spot affected.

I am totally guilty of this. I shall endeaour to describe…

A stack of four by three 40-60L containers- fabrics partially cut or not but all with a definite plan. A stack of two 20L containers of lace and assorted trims. Approx 10L of beads. Plus the other 3L of pearls and beads for confirmed projects but they were in that first stack.

Two 100L containers and two large striped bags (the sort the airport might give you) and a large basket full of stuff to give away but I had planned or had already made up. If you want a costume for Amrageddon i probbaly have something 😉

Two 60L containers for projects to be finished by the end of the month.

Oh and two shopping bags of fabric for everyday clothes. Priorities? I haz them.

I think I have more….. They certainly take up more space. Mind you when the materials for one project barely fit in a 60L container you can see how quickly this can happen…. Historic costuming. How I am thy bitch.