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New Maleficent horns

New Maleficent horns

Yeah yeah yeah, if anyone needs a set of horns to tidy my slightly smaller set would be proportional for someone closer to 5’2″ or so.

So the head base fits closer as I did knock a heck of a lot of layers off the head cast, still a bit bigger just where the horns sit. So that may require some knocking back.

Also yay, I relented and used my hot glue gun. Hot glue is fab for some things and holding pieces together before properly gluing is one of them ?

Oh and that is indeed a set of appliances, overflow channels and mold border. A little rough in places because moldmaking and making them pretty is difficult! It requires a similar skill set to sculpting (funnily enough) and so if you don’t tidy you don’t get a tidy mold.

Yes the undercuts are also filled in where possible as I don’t want to break the mold when it comes off nor do I want to break the headcast.


2 thoughts on “New Maleficent horns”

  1. kristen says:

    I’m 5 foot 2 and a half lol! I have a dremel lol

    1. admin says:

      They are yours girl 🙂 And I can probably also post a pattern with it if it’ll help? My patterns tend to be sans seam allowance and work a bit backwards ?


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by michaela de bruce, August 13, 2014



Very happy with the new shape 🙂 I knew my original sources were not clear enough so I aimed for narrower and with fewer topographical shapes. Now I have the nubs on the top and the extra core at the underside.
The extra fill has made it heavier so it will need to be cut back from the inside.
I have a bug so my head hurts from just getting the photos. It’s the bug and the untidied underside.

The head cast has also been cleaned of most of the PVA and even some of the extra layers- they were luckily not properly prepped so were able to be levered off. Which will mean I can use my headcast later for a better catwoman cowl eventually XD But meanwhile will work for my prosthetics.

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by michaela de bruce, August 6, 2014

These took an hour to winkle free because some of the headcast delaminated and stuck to the glue which stuck to the horn base.

That said this is still pretty much perfect for cutting to shape.

But later as my hands are watersoaked and ^%%#$#^ sore and I have pulled muscles in my torso trying to do this!

This is not the face of someone who does things easy. But this is also not the face of someone who finds the processes she uses easy. Just permanent and long lasting. These are also not sitting correctly because.. well the face says it all.




    • August 7, 2014

    Well see the positive in everything…they can be cut to shape 🙂

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