I told KOSHKA_THE_CAT that she was inspiring me to make my dream Worth gown….

And I am. As soon as I get my hands on some reasonably priced silk satin, it’s mine!

I have a feeling with the amount of work involved that it’ll wind up being my 40th birthday dress, but hey! I will make it.

Hmmm I wonder if I should tweak it… I was reading the other night about how he eventually let money talk and copied previous designs for other clients

ebay finds

ooooh, lovely turn of the century skirt
I love the textures! Now *that* I would consider doing.

Ooh it’s for sale here now!
This is what I used for my 1850 Voile dress sleeves.

Another lovely 1840s dress
Sigh, a perfect example of what I love about this period.

Amazing cream coloured silk satin late 1880s gown
I’d like to see the other side though.

Moire and crepe gown
Two shades. 1889?

Yellow! Bodice very late 1890s.
Love it. It reminds me of two of Worth’s Sunburst gowns. The earlier one I think used yellow.

The fabric!!!
It give me an idea for what I can do with my Chinese feather brocade. I was thinking of soemthign like this, but wasn’t sure about the boldness of the pattern. The other inspiration is of Sarah Bernhardt in one of her Frou Frou costumes. The brocade has a smaller more repeating motiffe though.
There is something about this one… I’d say it’s later than the date given, but I can’t be sure of it.

Star burst hair ornament!
Add authenticity to your Sisi costume;)

Zoave Jacket.
We wants. I once saw a wonderful vintage coat that was quite similar but all in black. Ideas for a winter coat are forming…

I admit to a fondness for this style as well

Gold reception gown natural form
The shaping of the train is wonderful

Very cute fluffy polonaise