shopping blues

Currently in Henderson. Grr. Spotlight didn’t have the interfacing I wanted (woven cotton with solid glue dots on the back) and the DML can’t do my TB gold test. Er.. not that it’s likely I have TB 😉 It’s a necessary test before TNF therapy.

Spotlight does have hair canvas though. I don’t know if I have much left but I could probably use it for a proper bustle.

Massive headache too so a short pause before heading back to the train.

sunburst and mina

I am glad I made the decision to redo the skirt front for the Sunburst dress 🙂 I now have the design transfered to paper so I can neaten it and transfer it properly. I can now machine sew the rays and hand sew the clouds from the front.

The mina leaves are going well 🙂 I may be able to machine some of the work- it’ll be neater and faster but for other parts of the process I’ll have to hand sew. It means busting out my Husquy as that can go really slow and the reverse is fully functional… I need to get inside the Janome again to work out what I did to the feed dog thingy.

I need to make more of the smallest leaves, the very narrowest are perfect for the neckline but I only have a few of them.

Still can’t believe what a score I got in my silk 🙂 $NZ10/m sigh. And being 150cm wide I have a fair amount to play with.

meanwhile I have a grumpy cat sitting on the table and he is demanding attention.

no hedgehog tonight 🙁 The bunny was over yesterday too 🙂 I’m hoping the neighbours didn’t move after all. They were nice and quiet and hey.. have a bunny that roams free and safely in a street full of cats! Seriously there are two next door and three on the other side and another three on their other side…

And one final note to myself; don’t leave mugs of tea on the window pane. They are high and I can’t see inside and when that really funky smell starts up it’s hard to figure out where it comes from.

Mug is now outside hoping for some rain. Or a water blaster.

sunburst taking in

I did start to adjust the Sunburst skirt. But I am not happy at how the pencil is showing through. So I have enough left over to recut the skirt front panels and I can use bits of the current skirt fronts for the bodice. I’m not going to use a crepe for some of the bodice panels like in the original but then I’m using pearls rather than faceted beads for the clouds anyway (the original used cut beads the later copy uses pearls).

I’m looking forward to working on this one too 🙂 The cutwork is daunting but I have a handle on it, this is one of the reasons I want to machine sew around the pattern- it’ll help stabilise the fabric.

I have my hair canvas petticoat to neaten at the top and a cotton twill petticoat. And bustle to make. Oh and sew up my corset as well 😉

sunburst adjustments

So I did manage to bust out the Sunburst skirt and sew it up enough to start sewing over the pattern. But there are two thick blue pencil marking the width of one of the skirts which is narroer than what I went with. That said I can most easily rectify this but moving the side panels in to that line, redraw the pattern on the side gores.

And I just got side tracked from my hunt for the two Sunburst dresses in my reference art and tex> Latishhistoric> latevicrefs folder… So much yumminess saved from ebay and auction sites.
And even more in reference art and tex> Latishhistoric>1870s-1880sbustlenfbustle

Found her 🙂 Yes the narrower skirt is right for this dress so I’ll do exactly that; take the skirt in at the front and add the pattern to the side gores 🙂

Now to sort those folders out.