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fact checking myself

Ouch. The OCR of this is awful. But I should get it all tidied today. I’ve moved figs., page numbers and footnotes in comments but that’s not ideal but I’m doing them as an entirely separate document. once the main text is sorted.

I love the freedom a digital file offers. Printing journals to be the same physical dimensions each volume means a degree of artificial cut offs. I use inline images and quotes as I have no formatting restrictions but print? I know why they are all added at the end. In print you cut into text blocks to fit everything, so you don’t do that yourself.

I also love the ability to use all the spacing needed to make reading so much easier than paragraphs and sentences that run on over two columns of an entire page. I’ve had to copy text from journals into a text app and then use return after every full stop. Even then it’s not perfect as those long sentences are hard to break up.


I’m working on a really important outside NRW source to get a transcription to translate myself as it’s incredibly important. While there is a mistake, the rest confirms so much of what I’ve wound up with using NRW sources.

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Another test

test test test

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Editing and restoring

Since I wrote my draft essay on the headdress of Anne of Cleves I’ve gone on a trip in time and space across documents and art work of many sorts. My conclusion still holds, I just need to change a section and move a section around. An expansion of a really important section that reveals more of what’s in plain sight. There is a role for another sections but it requires a bit of art history to explain their inclusion and potential use so I’ve put a few more documents in my folder of authors to quote.

But I have enough to trigger publication very soon whether or not my paper is accepted into a conference.

I also need to get the courage to go on camera with my physical recreations, and that means finishing the restoration of my very delicate and very expensive pearl work. I might have found a non yellowing fabric glue, but I also have starting clipping the pieces with curved scissors. I’ve lost a pair. Somehow. So I grabbed another pair. It’s not got as fine tips but it’s still uesful.

I also will need to make a template for my thistle <<bentgin>> which may be a little too large to fit that description but it’s handy to use vs <<kette>> as often that refers to a linked chain necklace.

I think I’ll be able to back the last pieces of my jewellery set with the pinks and roses and scrolling cats.

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Time to be able to work on my jewels

I’m still very nervous to start my template for my thistle necklace using this wonderful bent frame style, but I shouldn’t be. It’s just my headspace for the last few years to undermine myself.

This frame has corners and loops for links welded in, and I’m bending the corners and hoping to use the pressure of the leaves to keep links in place but let’s hope!

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