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Trying to update my portfolio

It’s a bit tough as it’s a really big history I have and not all really do justice to my work, and then there is beautiful work that doesn’t have the best photos.

I really dislike having to edit images to make them look better but I really have to. Weirdly instagram has some of the nicest tools to do so. I think it works on the entire photo even if you crop (there is a way to find the full image so if you are out there cropping to remove identifying elements in a photo crop before you use IG.)

The costumes I worked hardest on obviously have a lot of files, and I’m working through my double ups and it’s taking a while. 900 in my Mass Effect folders alone!

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new limits

This is the time when people are sharing what they did this year and I’m looking back at oh, so many bad mistakes. So many.

I was so keen to make use of any scrap of energy that I started to rely on energy boosts or pain relief to meet a dead line that I masked all the effects of pulled muscles or overuse of my hands and I also…

I didn’t meet those deadlines.

I have also found a new limit in walking. It’s really not very far, and has nothing to do with aerobic fitness. My hips knees and ankles seize up and so I’m looking for some summer weight options for support for them.

I’m about ready to look at mobility scooters.

But it means I need someone to be with me as much as possible at events because I’m able to sort of move in stages but it’s getting risky.

What ever it is I often need an arm to not so much lean on but be there as a guide so I can feel more secure walking.

I also totally and utterly overreached with my Bubble Dress. And even just updating Maleficent.

Maleficent I can put away in pieces again so I can at least have some more space in my room.

The bubble frock is going to have to be collapsed down (net petticoat has hoops too) and I am going to have to really really really reconsider how I construct it as at the moment I can leave it on the stand but it’s much too heavy for me to work on .

So I may have to make some really hard decisions.

I’m also tapering off the amount of pain relief I’m needing. It’s not terribly high but it does work which is why it’s a kind of cruelty that I need to come of them for fear of other health reasons. It’s a lot like cortico-steroids in that regard.

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