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Gosh, she’s gorgeous, I wish I looked like that!

Ms B! I hadn’t seen this set, that’s her as Blind Mag right? Darnnit. If I weren’t so broke I know where to get that elastic and a good fabric substitute…. And my new wig is just so. Add to that a slight resemblance (she has much better cheek bones for one) and booyah!

But no monies and sadly no one at my local Cons would recognise this. That said anyone doign a Repo costume in NZ for Armageddon let me know! SB was one of my earliest influences. Put it down to an obsession with phantom and a kid. It got me into thratre, singing, costume history… So much.

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Shae Vizla Progress

#shaevizla #swtor In case you haven’t seen, I am getting Shae almost totally overhauled for #CVI and #dragoncon Work backwards from here 🙂

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Had to go back to Nar Shaddaa for a bit and having just trawled around Coruscant grabbing screenies of Republic dancers to help someone else out I thought I’d grab some of my favourite Empire side dancers:)

The zebra stripes of the dancers on the barge on the lower promenade are gorgeous! 

I want to know how you meet Crystal though. I didn’t get a warning that I couldn’t converse with her and neither my BH nor my SI have had a mission to go into that area. Sigh.

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Thierry Mugler Haute Couture Fall/Winter 1997: The Chimera Gown

H’oh lawd.
I’ve only seen still images of this before. Seeing it moving is BRILLIANT.

This has been on my inspiration list since forever. The 90s seemed to be the decade for the most amzing theatrical stunt couture gowns. Look at how the model has embraced the whole persona. Thierry Mugler is most certainly one of my major influences in design, which I never make into reality because of cost!

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I think you would make an excellent Marie Antoinette! Sofia Coppola style, crapness of the movie aside the costumes were very very nice. Also maybe the posture collar outfit from The Cell!

There are many The Cell costumes I’d love to make. The molded leather armour is one, the white feathered another.

Some of the MA costumes are close copies of extant items (I highly recommend the Kyoto Costume Institute/Taschen co publication of Fashion for anyone interested in costume from movies. Some of the photos are available in older books (Revolution in Fashion for e.g.) but it is serious eye candy and there are a lot of aha! moments when looking through. Actually add Patterns of Fashion and the Harper’s Bazaar reprint to that list as well. And Hunnisett.

Anyway.. panniers! And then the fab 1780s big hair.

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Oh! Oh!! You should cosplay Zaan from Farscape! You have the perfect cheekbones for her :)

lol! I haz no cheekbones but yeah I have wanted to make her concept headpiece for ages. And the airbrushing on the final design.. wow. Just in awe of the layers of shading and texture…
I have a list of bald characters for if my hair finally all falls out (current mop of curls may not be permanent) and she is on there 🙂

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Sigh, actually this one is true, for a given value of true.:

A few sell the stuff doesn’t make it a delicacy here by any means.






There are so many things I could say about this.  So, so many.  More than anything, it horrifies me as a student of journalism that people of the profession have no problem with printing such absurdly, obviously incorrect and non-researched information.  Just… HOW.  How does something like this even happen in this day and age of near-instant access to answers to everything?

Excuse me. I’m just going to pop on my kangaroo and go down the pub to have my daily healthy pint of Horse semen. I dont even.


JSYK non-Australian/NZers…this is kind of incorrect. And by kind of I mean completely. 

Also how was it collected. 

Though I guess they might need it. For breeding and stuff. 

Someone is pulling that journo’ leg big time, in summary. 


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