Senior Vocal Programme

246a/b Solo from Light Opera or Musical Comedy: in costume WYWSHA

2nd: 248 Solo in Gilbert and Sullivan: In costume How would I play this Part.


 Live at Five Finger Joe’s. Lana, Waitakere Theatre. A speakeasy style show.

Secret Garden. Claire, Auckland Music Theatre. This clashed with the Auckland Armageddon cosplay contest but i still got to go along on the monday and do my first panel that was nifty

Anyway, I played Claire the one with the truly horrible  line just before the storm. Final storm I think. I adored the music, It was such a challenge. But I think it helps keep chorus members on their feet and interested if they get to switch from melody to harmonising above and then below… Seriously. During Final Storm I went from below middle C to a high B (I think, and I’m not sure if it was natural, flat or sharp…). But it was a leap of over an octave and singing sibilants up there was a bit of a challenge

During this time I did audition and got into A Chorus Line that was going to play at the Sky City theatre. But I pulled out. I sang Nothing, it was a great audition song.

Also a murder mystery.


Gaslight. Bella Manningham. Waitemata Theatre. The role that nearly broke my brain. I had to learn nearly the entire script as Bella was only off stage fore a few pages.

I recreated the black dress from Portrait of a Lady for this. And the make up was my own design. I had to look like I hadn’t slept for a long time and yet not look too hard but let the audience have empathy.

The hardest part was that most of the audience couldn’t understand why Bella stayed with her husband for so long. Even though it was spelled out he had separated her physically and emotionally from all her family. You didn’t need to know that divorce in the 19thC England was a very different beast to what it is now….

I had just read a bio of the wife of one of the Ripper suspects so had been familiar with the subject!


Much Ado was amazing. Beatrice. Titirangi Drama Inc. got to play Beatrice which is just a gift for an actress. Unfortunately though the opening night was a night I will never forget for all the wrong reasons. I triggered the start my my Rheaumatoid Arthritis due to a combination of (good!) stress, illness and a minor accident.

Market Forces: Titirangi Drama Inc. Playing a person from HR, yes… it was interesting..


This Is It, Auckland Domain was the big Auckland Millennium production. I’m listed as Core Cast, there were about 50 of us and we were mainly extras

I think there were 200,000 in the audience?

I got to be a Barbarian, and it was here I had a very good lesson in why you have safety rules.. I nearly lost an eye to an over enthusiastic person with a real metal sword. It was blunt but I got hit on the edge of my eye socket barely a few inches from the tip. Had it been the tip it would have been in my eye.

I did get to be a colonialist and Queen Elizabeth 1. I would like to actually play her one day in some performance or other.

Celtic Dance Force. Toured upper North Island and did a big single show at the Aotea Centre as a reunon later that year. I’m listed as an Actor with two others, but we did sing a parody song as well.

The first actress has a weary character, the second super enthusiastic and I mine was po’faced. So my dress was black. With a couple of celtic knot dogs on the front- Geddit?

We then proceeded to step dance. Very badly. It was for this I learnt a very silly costume trick of how to make knickers fall on cue. No one figured out how I did it. Yay. Umm.. yeah. I need to find a recording of it

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