As a costumer and performer I have appeared in several national and local articles, and as a person with a disiability and illness I have been contacted for international focus interests.

Below you will find links to these articles or scans:

November 2015


Five Amazing Australian Cosplayers You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Again I’m breaking my own rules here, as Michaela isn’t technically an Australian cosplayer — she’s from New Zealand — but unfortunately some of our funny-sounding neighbours can be even less well-known then the Australians. I first encountered her when a friend bought one of her Asari headpiece casts — and slowly came to realise that she was a cosplayer who I had admired every time one of her costumes happened to pop up, though I had never imagined it would all be one person.


November 2015

Geek X Girls

Elsa from Frozen Cosplay  

Michaela de Bruce from New Zealand looks incredible cosplaying as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen in these amazing photos shot on location and in the studio! Here’s what she had to say…


October 2015

Mr T Photography

A model photoshoot of horror and creepiness

Countess Dracula aka Michaela de Bruce
Countess Dracula aka Michaela de Bruce
The Lady in White Michaela de Bruce
The Lady in White Michaela de Bruce

September 2015

The New Zealand Herald

The best upcoming cosplay events


[…] Courtney has helped organise this weekend’s LibraryCon where cosplayers can get together – in costume – and see exhibits, demonstrations and take part in a workshop by international cosplay veteran Michaela de Bruce.

April 2015


Star Wars Admiral Daala Costume

The Star Wars universe extends far beyond the six films and the two animated television series. Other characters and stories exist in Legends, formerly known as the Expanded Universe. Natasi Daala is one of those characters. She was the first human female in Legends to attain the rank of Imperial Admiral. Cosplayer Michaela de Bruce made a costume based on descriptions of the character and a few images. She created the ensemble in 2009, but the techniques are still relevant.


January 2015


8 Maleficent Cosplays

First up is Michaela de Bruce, an elegant cosplayer with a gorgeous Maleficent in her portfolio. Don’t expect a fun romp through cosplay when you visit her page. Expect art, historic costume design, and true beauty. She delivers!
Additional links for Michaela de Bruce: Her Website and Twitter
Photographer: C-01 Photography

October 2014

New Zealand Herald

The revenge of the nerds

By Adrienne Kohler


It has been a hobby for years before heading to her first Armageddon in 2003, where she entered a dress-up competition as Galadriel from Lord of the Rings.

At the time, she says, most people thought cosplay meant dressing as Japanese anime characters. It took until about 2006 before people realised it could be much more than that.

“Most people who went to the shows were still wondering why people dressed up if they weren’t selling something.”

She first got involved as an extension of her interest in theatre costuming.

October 2014

Newspix- New Zealand Herald

Michaela de Bruce, a cosplay fan dressed as one of her favourite pop culture characters.

Michaela de Bruce, a cosplay fan dressed as one of her favourite pop culture characters.

Michaela de Bruce, is a cosplay fan who is also a judge of other pop culture fans who dress as their favourite characters.

15 October 2014 Herald on Sunday Photograph by Michael Craig

October 2014

Frock Flicks

Flick Picks: Mina’s Red Bustle Gown From “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” by Michaela de Bruce

By Trystan L. Bass

Every goth girl of a certain age has dreamed of this dress (and the wickedly romantic dinner between Count Dracul and Mina Harper that goes with it!). The elegant, bright red, bustle gown in rustling silk is like a vampiric Victorian wedding gown and is rich with symbolism in the film.

Michaela de Bruce has created many, many amazing costumes, both reproductions and original designs, from fantasy and historical sources. So it’s no surprise that her version of Mina’s red bustle gown from Bram Stoker’s Dracula is fabulous. In her dress diary, she describes the hunt for the right silk, needing a vast quantity, having to wash and iron all of it in her tiny flat, and then, of course, her careful and precise dress construction. Inspirational!


June 2014


Kiwis embracing cosplay culture

By Caitlin Smith

Head co-ordinator of the Armageddon cosplay contests Michaela de Bruce says cosplay culture in New Zealand is all-encompassing.
“While it used to be assumed to be only related to J-culture (Japanese anime and manga) it is simply a term to describe dressing in costume as a character- whatever the art source, whatever the event,” says Ms de Bruce.
“It’s an adaptable and personal – yet also very visible – way of making a statement.”

Nightfall Unlimited

Costumer/Cosplay Spotlight: Michaela de Bruce

by Ray Mareck


Nightfall Unlimited: What got you into costuming?

Michaela de Bruce: The wonderful and camp music video for The Phantom of the Opera. It made such an impact that I not only got in to all kinds of costuming (historic to fx) but also pursued an acting career, particularly focused on musical theatre. Even though health issues now preclude me committing to rehearsals or a season.

So it has been a very long time for that love to percolate and absorb information from everywhere. I can’t stop wanting to learn and try new techniques.


November 2012


Legions of fans come out to cosplay at the Armageddon Expo

Nov 27th, 2012 | By Taren Stevens


IN THE bright, afternoon sunshine at Auckland’s Armageddon Expo, Michaela de Bruce looks out of this world.
She is clad in a PVC cat-suit worn under handmade silver armour, her entire face and neck painted in red and black, with matching latex prosthetics attached to her head.
She is dressed as a Twi’lek bounty hunter – a race of aliens created for the Star Wars universe by director George Lucas, and has been singled out by Ms de Bruce for her cosplay costume.


July 30, 2011

New Zealand Herald

Weekend leisure: Costume drama

By Melanie Cooper

Swathes of fabric and delicate, slipper-like shoes are a poor match for the squelch of Auckland Domain’s mid-winter mud. Willemyne van Nymegen, a Dutch lass steeped in the protocols of the late 16th century and betrothed to a chap who spends all his time in Venice, seems undeterred.


April 2011


The weird and wonderful world of Armageddon

Apr 11th, 2011 | By Angie Mills


NewsWire on flickr

Michaela de Bruce showed off her costume and weaponry.

April 2011

The Wellingtonian

May the force be with you  


Mind games:Cosplay games [correction: contest] organiser Michaela de Bruce appeared as Jedi master Shaak Ti [correction: Sith Togruta] from Star Wars during the annual Armageddon Expo at TSB Arena last weekend.

October 2010

The Aucklander

Masking the pain

By Charlotte Woodfield

The Aucklander photo, Masking the Pain

Behind every mask there’s a story. Charlotte Woodfield talks to an artist who doesn’t
let aches get in the way of moulding her characters.

October 2010

The best of Armageddon 2010

Armageddon 2010 came to a close yesterday. An estimated 40,000+ punters poured through the gates over the course of the weekend, and Game Console was in attendance.

BEST COSPLAY I noticed a number of extremely cool cosplay efforts over the course of the expo, but one or two in particular really caught my eye. I have to give special props to Michaela de Bruce, the judge of the cosplay competition. I didn’t realise she was the judge when I first saw her in her Samara costume (of Mass Effect 2 fame). De Bruce later revealed that she spent over 40 hours sculpting the headpiece alone. On day one, she was my pick to take out the competition (until I learned who she was and realised she wasn’t eligible).

July 2009


Portrait of a Costumer: Michaela de Bruce

I thought I might from time to time mention some of my favorite costumers, so since I mentioned Michaela de Bruce in last Saturday’s entry, I figured I should start with her.


March 30, 2009

 The Press

Weekend Events splash on front page, article on A3.


Credits go to Kirk Hargreaves for the photo and Rebecca Todd for the article (page A 3)

October 2008

New Zealand Herald

Attack of the clones

By Greg Dixon

Michaela de Bruce

Occupation: Performer/costumer

Character: Padme, Star Wars II: Attack of the Clones

October 2006

New Zealand Herald

Making friends at Armageddon

Crash Bandicoot meets Catwoman (Michaela de Bruce) at the Armageddon Pulp Culture Expo at the Aotea Centre in central Auckland.


Sanofi Aventis
Joint Effort
Surviving in her own way



New Zealand Herald

Need to Know

Much Ado About Nothing



Waitakere Week

A treat for the eyes


The Western Leader

Two show in one


The Western Leader

Snow Queen opens next week



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