I’ve managed to send off an application to teach one of my research topics, and I’m working on another. It’s a bit testing as so much overlaps. Extant items, art, written work; all cover my research topics.

But I know that my very specific topic is probably what people are most interested in so I’m willing to move everything I need into one folder to sync across all my devices. I’m probably going to need to use some text to speech for my hand written notes.

But it’s also exciting to have take a chance on a tool used to bend brass tubing as it’s actually going to help me make jewellery that I absolutely could not.

I’ve tried to unbend some brass tubing bent with a tool, and I can’t. Yet I was able to bend it so easily. I can’t work metal like I used to (also I was taught how to make wrought iron pieces at school when I was 11- I was both terrified and loved it.) But yeah. It works. It didn’t hurt.

I’m still stalling on cutting out my pearl work. I’m so scared of cutting the threads used to couch. So I’ll try and do a couple of pieces.

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