Over and under sharing at the same time

“I have faults enough, but they are not, I hope, of understanding.”

In the last few years I’ve had some truly, to me, strange feedback that I’m not doing enough to teach people how to do what I do.

And I’m just.

Have you met me?

I’m an over-sharer for the equivalent of an entire generation, and somehow this accusation has persisted. I’ve been told to my face and behind my back and I just can’t understand how it’s possible to believe.

That’s how rumour works though right?

Get a lie in before truth can get its boots on?

It’s just weird to me because if I’m told a statement to believe I am immediately suspicious and will do some basic research.


This year has been more difficult than ever to share than before. Absolutely.

My PC software no longer imports from my phone easily. For more than a year, but I kept expecting that issue to be patched but nope. Apparently this is now a feature to have to import and then sort by date and month. I had 9K images by the end. I still have to work out if the files have the correct time and date because that too has changed before I delete from my phone.

However, I never have and never will hide how I do things.

Mostly because everything I make is really about how they are made.

Always has been.

Understanding how materials are turned into art is as or more important to me than the art.

I think it comes from taking art for 5th Form Certificate and having no technical training. I didn’t understand how we were expected to understand how reactionary and revolutionary contemporary artists are if we didn’t know what they were reacting to and rejecting.

I wasn’t able to take this up at university either as design was it. I thought, yeah I can design anything but if it’s meant to be created then surely I should have a much deeper understanding of those processes?

For example my patterning database means I can spot a modern costume over an extant almost immediately. And it has everything to do with the idea that modern draping and drafting is peak evolution so obviously you can use it for pre 21st century patterning.


We drape top down while so much pre-1900s is waist up and hem to waist. It’s so freeing to do that too! If the expectation is neck to waist, then waist to neck is unexpected, disruptive. And the same is true for waist-hem reversal.

What makes my costuming interesting is entirely in using these techniques not in hiding what I do.

But yes, because I learned a heck of a lot as a child I wanted to explore all of this at an early age so there are a number of steps of learning between me and most of my peers.

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