Sometimes you just need a smashing lamp

But my PC and printer are working (finally) to let me get OCR scans of works I’m trying to translate. And my Anne of Cleves research is finally making sense. And all the rest of my renaissance costume research is now fitting around that. It is a bit weird yes. But the Spanish manuals and Hungarian garments all work together to get a really vibrant picture of fashion. And it really is fashion. I’m not sure why we persist in thinking it is an 18thC phenomenon at the earliest. I can date a portrait to a few years based on fit and accessories, and these were very much about the interection between personality and alliances.

But I’m so excited. I have had to just stop looking for the bias that has affected everything about her life, as it just got to the point of being depressing. So my focus is back to her portraits. To be fair that is a bit overwhelming too, as I do find myself trying to back track several years of connections made even with other Norther Renaiassance clothing focused people.

But that has also been exciting, I want everyone to be able to launch their own research without having to redo or relearn what seems to have been lost.

So. Time to rest. make some notes, and not worry about my PC and printer because I absolutely wanted to throw my printer onto the deck and smash it. But e-cycling is a much more responsible response *if* I have to delete and reinstall my printer Just Because.

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