getting weird out there

As someone who mostly manages to fly under the radar, and deliberately so, I’v been mostly focused on content and accessibility of my sites, but I’m also paying attention to what on earth is happening to access full stop in publishing and I am not sure how far it will go. It’s the antithesis of my own beliefs of open access, but also online security and trust of people who come to my site.

Over the years I have had content stolen, and so I have a degree of understanding of how hard it is for a small group of people to have any power in being able to assert their rights. I have tried to inform several online magazines etc., and was dismissed every time.

And yet…

I will never put my content behind a paywall. It’s not just for students and researchers! I aim to have my work last long after I do pass on.

But there is a move to not only control how people share links, but also to remove all information from urls! And that only benefits scammers, to be frank.

So I’m over here trying to record all my references in order to cite based on multiple publishing styles as well as this new site by site (EU) citation and it is not benefiting anyone. All it means is that I’m going to cite an organisation that understands the needs of the community.

And I’m doing all of this knowing full well I may need to stop hosting a website at all if search engines and social medis are forced to only promote those they pay.

It’s genuinely scary what is happening globally to laws online and I can only see them leading to a loss of open access to legitimate archives, museums, etc.

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