pandemic fomo

It’s real. But it’s because the rest of the world has discovered all my usually quiet online spaces and filled them with far too much to catch up with. I’ve also not really finished any projects as they are all intensive and difficult and I do not have all the materials I need!

But the Cleves projects are currently my focus as I do not want to be without my Hat and red frock any longer. The Hat was made over twice, but the frock has been in pieces for years. I did though bond the new plush velvet guarding to a light cotton base and have enough to play with if I decide to change some things.

I did start making this over a while back which required cutting new sleeves from a strip of fabric from the back of the skirt as I never found that same red again. With a very recent portrait find I might not have needed to do that but well.. it’s been done.

I need more fabric to add extra width to the skirt back.

Today some red velveteen arrived and it is soooo close but is a shade too light. I’m hoping I can hint it deeper with some cerise red dye. I’m hoping some other velveteen I ordered is a closer match but if not I know I can use this if I can devote a day to working with dye, hot water, and a large container outdoors. It’s a full body experience I really need to prepare for. Fibro and RA are flaring a bit which means more rest and more therapy.

But it is such a relief! I made this not long before I was elevated as a Laurel and it was so different that I am really really really desperate to wear it again after about 14 years! With the return of my Teal frock I’m really feeling the need to get my older work up to date 🙂

One of the aspects I want to discuss is the fabric colour and fabric choices. Red is a very striking choice for a frock. It’s not common, at all, for the decade I made it to reflect.

Everything I’m doing is based on research i have shared sporadically over the years but is taking time to web because to me everything is important so I can’t just share one part.

Okay. I have numbness on the back of my hands so it’s time to rest!

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