Self isolation from the long term side

Self isolation itself takes a bit of time to get used to, but what we are dealing with at a global level makes it that much more stressful. For many reasons. Financial, emotional, and for many of us this is not quite as usual, even if we are always at risk.

I cannot give medical advice, but I can offer my experiences to help validate and support those facing some aspects for the first time.

The first is that you may feel like you are overreacting, you may get accused of overreacting. This one is something most disabled and chronically ill people face all the time. So, no. Self isolating is not overreacting. I’m not even going to pile on people panic buying but ask for people to take a breath.

The second is that you may feel guilty in accepting help from people who have that little more time to be able to shop on your behalf. Again this is a constant. If a disabled or chronically ill person offers help right now, we are doing so because we know what risks there are and what ones we can take. If you are scared to accept help because of stigma, please accept help. If there is one thing I have learned is that this affects many others if we internalise that stigma. If you are scared for health, then I highly recommend saying yes but under conditions you feel safe. For example someone collecting groceries and leaving them at your door.

Third you may try to do everything that you have put off in one go. Again, this is my life, shout out. Pacing is honestly a big deal. It may feel life you are not doing enough but over time those chores or projects may wind up being therapy to keep occupied. Chores especially can be very theraputic and calming if you do them on your terms.

Routine does help, but so does flexibility in changing because perception of time changes. I try to switch things up so I do not over work any set of joints normally, and rest even when i think it’s not time yet. Unfortunately as person at risk I have to be on top of news and even anticipate changes before they take affect. This takes so much time and effort that I’m not really putting into practice everything I know.

And you may also be in a position where your own labour seems cheap compared to cost of some goods. Again, hi, hello. This can lead to the Vimes Boot Theory coming into practice where further down the track you no longer have the ability to purchase quality and instead wind up spending much more over time for the same outcome. This is related to CripTax where the choice to use your own time is no longer there, you have to spend more to do the same things.

People may look at you differently. Either because you are doing things now associated with a pandemic (though are usual practice, or should be) or don’t seem to be affected so are disbelieved. Yep, I am dealing with both and it’s still difficult even now with practice.

There are many more considerations, so many more. But I am going to take my own experiences and take a break.

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