All Elsa all the time

Right. Yeah no. I can’t help it. Three outfits have truly captured my heart. One just for design, the other two for emotional impact.

I am though interpreting the designs a little. Mostly in textiles.

My Ice Gown is very accurate, but I chose rhinestones over sequins for similar reasons.

In the Ice Gown the bodice is made of overlapping sheets of ice, this is best mimicked on the stand as glued, but they move over each other which allows for more movement such as breathing to be highlighted, and glue does not allow for this- and I tend to run warm and thus tend to de-glue things even on a single wearing!

I didn’t mean to stick with the rhinestones, I planned on taking them off and re-purposing, but they are a hit when I wear the gown. Kids of all ages are enchanted because they have extra depth for visual interest and they are 3D so very tactile. But they also allow my fabric base to show through and does help with the ombre effect.

So I’m going to use my sequinned fabric stash and layered over with different tulles. Usual gradient dyeing as well. The water gown and the final gown both have “illusion” necklines but I will be going for a powernet in order to avoid darts and extra seams

But first I desperately nee my portfolio to be front and center of this site now that I’m moving all the resources to my new site.

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