fly by update

I am very sore. I have posted already that I was relying a lot on pain relief to be able to go out. Well, as I knew… I am now paying for it.

Fibro while not understood does indeed make the nerves over signal. Pain relief works to damp them down, I don’t get full relief but it shuts it down to a level where I can think and move.

Rheumatoid Arthritis on the other hand is erosive. Think of it as chemical (immune system) and mechanical (wear on exposed joints.) I actually need the feedback of pain to intervene in either the chemical or mechanical erosion. Enough to know what to do, but not so much I can’t think. It’s tough as that line changes without any real ability to predict it.

I think I have a bit of both kinds of erosion that I did not notice while I was having daily pain relief. Certainly the joint between thumb and wrist feels like it’s immune mediated based on my 18 years of living with both. It’s also a classic erosion type for RA. I have ulnar drift and carpal tunnel issues already so I’m not surprised. I probably need it investigated in more detail.

I get regular xrays but they only look for changes since the last, they don’t really state the obvious or history. It might take a bit of an extra review of the last four or five to really spot them. Like how my xrays from 2001 and 2009 show change (dark spaces between bones is good, no space is bad):

Where I am currently really hurting is on the left of each image (where the long bone of the thumb meets the a small trapezoid (first in the row of small bones) meets the scaphoid( looks like a banana in my original xray now a squished and jagged pea.)

There are many kinds of pain but this one feels hot and new.

It’s not easy to see in the photos but now more of the top flattish end of the radius (big arm bone on the left of each) is easy to press through my skin. It is very painful. And I manage to hit them (one in each wrist) fairly regularly which is one reason why I wear my splints much of the time.

The ulnar (skinny long bone lower right of each photo) feels about as bad as you can imagine if you spot that the end has rotated and shifted in towards my thumb. It affects my elbow as that twist changes stress on the other end as well.

Splints are insulating though so in summer I wind up taking them off, like now.

My feet are also ringing the same sort of hot pain, so I may have to see if I can find some bandages to support them (ankle and near my toes.)

So even though it’s warm (though overcast) I am going to toast myself again on my electric blanket as high heat directly on joints helps: it dilates veins and arteries so blood flows faster and so sort of washes those inflammatory molecules away and high enough also works to sort of numb which is also helpful- really good to get the shower to be just hot enough on the back of my neck to numb that region to help me start moving in the morning.