visible disability-ish

I’m not out very often but I have been wearing my splints a lot more and now that people notice them I get asked what happened- because one hand most people can come up with a few theories, both hands is a bit outside of the usual.

I’m honest always, both about my RA and that it’s not curable and so far I think people have been understanding. I still get “you’re too young” I usually just say I was 25 when it started or that there are children with it as well. Just enough that maybe someone who is interested will think about it in terms of other people they may meet, or have met.

In person I’m quite upbeat in tone about it but I do know that in writing it’s very hard to convey that.

I used to use smilies (yes smilies, that dates me quite well) so much that when they started to get converted to little gifs I started to look like I was super excited all the time.

Then I stopped using them so much and it made me look angry. I wish I could get back in the habit in informal writing but I find I can’t. And I don’t know why.

Don’t get me wrong. I do smile in person, I do laugh. I think it’s just that typing now is more of an effort. Effort is physical, mental, and emotional and so I get to the tired stage in each a bit more quickly and so I think that’s why I have not really updated this blog as often as I should.

Anyway. I’m currently having trouble with the joints between wrist and thumb on both hands. It is a bit troubling that it hurts to pull my blanket over me as it’s not really possible to replicate that in my appointments but it may mean a short steroid taper. Been avoiding them. But I’ve also been relying on pain relief for the last month so I’ve been masking any symptoms of changes.

And this is unfortunately why even if I have tackled the pain for a short time it’s not something I can do very often at all.