more planning

My Sickening Ball gown has me a little stumped in terms of the hem. There will be four hems approximately 15m wide. I was going to shape the hem but the same problem arrises which is not just matching the hems but sewing them neatly.

I was going to just use horsehair braid but I may need to be a bit more cunning.

I might in fact grab some hem tape and press it to the edge of the fabric, then pin and press that together and then I will have a very firm edge to turn over again and press and then, turn it back, press and use the blind hemming stitch on my sewing machine. A long process but the fabrics are wobbly and do not play nicely without careful preparation.

Once hemmed I’ll be able to line the hems up, baste into sections and then work them all as one layer.

As to Maleficent I will be attemtping to get a 3D model of my headsculpt. The app uses my own phone to process which means being tethered to my PC but hey.