Sickening Ball 2019

I think I worked out how to do my skirt. To be fair it was an idea I had originally but shaped. Anyway. I can’t quite completely cheat and sew three layers I can at least baste and hold stitches. I really need some fabric pleated as well.

I have to be honest, the der Tod outfit probably fits the theme a whole lot more. So I’m having a a break tonight and will see if I can cut the layers needed for that tomorrow.

In theory each outfit would be a week. But I am really struggling with fatigue and with pain. I need to set some energy aside each day for exercise. I have so far managed three walks this week. But two of them were too far and I was struggling on the return trip.

But I have this week flatironed my der Tod wig, nearly got the hoops stitched (being tired means making mistakes which means extra work, which leads to more fatigue etc.) and I put gel tips on my nails and have tidied the lounge a bit so that is quite a lot given the sharp decline my health took last year. I’m still recovering from that.