hand update

I have not really been updating much as I’ve been having playing catch up and it’s because I can catch up 🙂

As soon as my scar was healed I went back on my DMARD because my disease was getting a bit active again. So I am going to take it that yep I am still not in full remission and need to keep going. On the upside, while a DMARD sounds scary the ones I’m on have fewer side effects and long term consequences than the pain relief or anti-inflammatories I would otherwise need.

And it is long term. It’s been 18 years of my RA and I know what it responds to positively and negatively and while it is a constant juggle of rest, activity, diet, looking after other health. And often needing to change each of these as my body is particularly good at contempt of the familiar!

Anyway. So I did have my final physio session. I have been so good at stretching and massaging and flexing my hand that I have a bit more range of motion than I started.

So I need to do a few of these exercises for my general hand health.

Pain? Gone. Occasional tiny sharp flick if my arm is stretched just so. Strength is coming back and I’m getting used to my new weird tendons popping up in my wrist. It’s my one concern and is entirely about other changes caused by my RA. The bones the ligament attached to are so eroded I’m not sure what else attaches where now. As my surgeon got a good view inside my hand I can ask a few questions 🙂

There is a bit of bruised sensation to he side of the scar, and the scar is still quite rigid put I can put a little pressure on to help slowly soften it.

Already the scar is folding in to my natural creases, the stitch holes are just a little more of a reminder but they too will fade.

A few days ago I wasn’t sure how I would go forward with my right hand. But the concerns are resolving regularly, so every few days there is a change, not so much every day.

Soon it’ll be down to a week to see change, and then a month, and so on. So right now I’m happy with my left hand but would not want this stage for both. But it’s still better than a week ago and so I’ll be better able to take about benefits once fully healed 🙂

And of course I went into this knowing it was about prevention of future issues, not repairing.