Okay so two posts one day, sorry. But I think I worked out a way to work backwards from my outerlayer to support layers.

To figure it out I thought about the hem. So for a perfectly convoluting hem it’s essentially a series of circles side by side and C=2r(Pi) or the diameter times pi.

So a little over 3 times. So that at least lets me decide if I want to shape the skirt or be continuous.

Now I’m all about the shaped panel, I really am. Even circles upon circles. But I think the best justice I can do to this fabric is to use continuous lengths.

Which means I have just enough of the pretty top layer and will need as much in tulle. And I have enough for 3 layers of the less pretty but still ridiculous fabric. And I will very definitely need more of the netting, which I already knew.

So then I need to decide just how much support will be netting. I know I will need flounces and I need a shaped yoke to reduce bulk.

Luckily I have enough to start the foundations. Still trying to decide on body shape. I know what effect I want and it should be possible to do at home.

My left hand is back to being able to do like work and the fibro flare seems to be easing back (it was a not fun ride after the stitches came out, desensitisation is part of therapy and extra needed with fibro. My body is a bit in emergency mode despite not actually being in emergency.

Okay so new tag time?