ups and downs

Up: my scar is so fine and delicate I can’t see it! I am able to moisurise and exfoliate to reveal the new skin so that is very good.

Down: Fluffer Butter looks like he may need to have his ear removed. That is not an immediate risk but it’s there. He has a haematoma which is not healing and also swollen glands on that side. So hopefully we’ll find out today that it’s just inflammation and not something weirder.

Up: my site domain has registered for the year! It was tricky for a few reasons but it’s back and I’m still hosted and I will be able to publish my new site very soon.

Also Up: am going to “The Sickening Ball” which is obviously very ironic for someone with a life long illness!

So I have a goal for a custom design I have had percolate in my head for a very long time. It started as a thumbnail doodle in coloured pen and over the years has been explored and deconstructed and reconstructed to the point I have a very clear design that I just need the courage to actually make.

I have most materials but will need to invest in structure which might actually be a good thing for a few other projects.

I so want to share WIP but I also really want to keep it a surprise.

I can though say it works with the name, and with Halloween and is a celebration of who I am with a hearty dose of recognising of the tropes I fit into and at the same time really do not.

Currently bringing together all my stash which is a bit tough as some of it is at the very bottom of a stack of WIP materials. So, big deep breath and off to the stash.