So much excite! I can finally stretch my thumb! I can even put some pressure on my hand to open a door (handle, if it’s at home) and can moisturise my hands properly now! To the new skin care regime!)

But I now also ave a deadline/reward to make my dress of epic sparkle! Halloween party/Drag Ball baby!!!!

I do need to take this weekend as my flip the switch phase. I am so close to being fully healed that I can start taking my Leflunomide again, but I also just need to reassure myself that yes the healed tissue is stable enough.

But I almost have full range of motion, for me which is not great but it’s back) and plenty of extra tape and if I am very nervous I have a few steri strips.

But I have a bit of real rest to do.

As expected fibro wasn’t a complication but has been a factor in recovery. The flinch response that is used in a fibro Dx? Yeah really does pop up. It wasn’t really a problem until I was able to see my scar either naked or through the dressing.

But I do know how to use multiple therapies for that, including a bit of CBT as well as low doses of pain relief*) So I am already at the stage of itchy irritation rather than direct pain, and the scar itself can be pressed (gently) and I can shower!!!!!

I can’t wash my own hair yet as I have a leave in colour. But yeah baby,

  • I do not use much at all but it has been helpful to just quiet some of the excess noise so as to be able to walk and stretch and rest.