able to work on my site!

I have finally gone back to basics and have been able to get my new site at a point where I can in fact really use it.

WordPress is very flexible at core. But it is increasingly difficult to work with established themes to use it. Most security flaws happen with themes and plugins so ideally any customisation happens in a child theme. But at that point you lose the ability to use breadcrumbs or even display categories and custom taxonomies on pages. Because you need to change core files in the parent theme. Hooray for being able to really get a child theme to tackle everything.

I also am not sure why developers can’t see a use for taxonomies on pages. I use page heirachy yes, but if I go to a parent page I have to manually put in all the child pages. A taxonomy allows you to go to the parent and see all the children.

So it’s really quite a vital function for a site like mine. I need to see the page heirachy in my page list and be able to quickly show that to visitors.

Anyway. I finally have started getting custom taxonomies in place. I can’t quite style them the way I’d like to so I might have to start looking a bit further but so far so good.

I have also started getting my phone and ipad covers matching my theme of Sparkle Princess. Like a lot of goods there is a thin layer of plastic coated fabric and card. So that makes it a little easier to take patterns and make your own.