first surgery done, life goes on

I’m not as productive as I had hoped. Unfortunately my erosion from my Rheumatoid Disease really requires a lot more rest than we can are usually lead to believe. And my normal methods of reducing strain can’t be applied as I can’t swap hands frequently.

So the new website, and even reading, is on hold for a little longer. A fortnight maybe? No heavy lifting and that really does mean anything that mimics heavy lifting- long key depressing is an issue anyway.

I have to admit so far it’s not actually much more painful than my usual- aside from any stretching near the incision, occasionally little sparks of neuron firing from there to my fingers or near my thumb .

I think I have noticed a specific relief though. I was hesitant about surgery as a lot of tightness has been across the inner wrist, below my hand. But I felt something happening in that region (not as pain! but a pressure from under my skin, and then a ping, again not pain) and while it feels bruised it feels a bit freer.

So far I think I’m healing faster than I expected, which is great- I heal slowly due to DMARD therapy. So I am being very diligent in wiggling my fingers and thumb- careful to not stretch the site. I’m very gently moving my wrist too. My experience is I can always do more physio as a result of less activity that I can repair after too much.

But I’m really surprised by how much it doesn’t hurt. I am even using a half dose of pain relief when it is needed (either mid afternoon or before bed, and that’s it.) But yeah my RA and carpal tunnel impingement in my right hand mean I should probably use a bit more, it takes up so much energy (physical and mental) to just be, let alone try and do.

It really did not help that a) an OS update that frooze my pc then forced a hard reboot b) to have a motherboard (that really does not like a specific brand of solid state drives) forget my ssd and so…. not be able to boot c) have a power cut just as I got my mobo to see my ssd (do not ask me how, there is a degree of weirdness there I can’t explain*) d) go through all of this again when the power came back on.

To try and repair this I had to take both metal sides off my tower, remove my ssds, remove all sata cables, try and put a cable back with one hand and only able to see with one eye as that side of the mobo butts right against the hdd enclosure!

But at least I can see why my os accidentally was reinstalled on another drive. It’s a fancy band and it showed up in my UEFI as a bootable drive. Oh heck to the no.

Anyway. I can probably avoid all of this again by either an entirely new build (which I could do myself sans any soldering- I can solder, but I am not going there with NZ mains being 240V and “dirty”) or a fancy brand ssd that I know will never get lost.

It then could happily transfer to a new build later if need be

*If I leave the UEFI open for a while it seems to sometimes eventually see it. I get no notification though and sometimes it doesn’t.

Another hint was to unplug all power for 15mins. Which seemed to work once, but not again. I even discharged all power I could. Soooo… a degree of magic for sure.

I could boot from disk but ugh, if my ssd can’t be seen then it can’t be seen. Also the disk is an older (still supported) version which would be a day of updates. If not more.

I wonder if there is another solution for a bootable disk.